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Modified single cylinder diesel engine.
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As is known to all, single cylinder diesel engine with environmental protection and other advantages, it all depends on the characteristics of diesel engine. With the development of science and technology, diesel price is rising year by year, it forces us to seek a different path to change. Marsh gas has become our object selection.

According to the relevant data can be concluded: every stere methane is equivalent to 0.91 kg of agricultural diesel calorific value. Methane as fuel use, with a smoke-free, no ash, not easy to cause pollution and antiknock good features. The same working volume of the engine, the use of biogas is obtained when the power is not less than the use of diesel power. Therefore, the ordinary diesel engine converted into a biogas diesel dual fuel engine is scientific, is also possible.

That the feasibility of this method, we can begin to put into action. How to modify a single-cylinder diesel engine?

Small horsepower single-cylinder diesel engine modified for biogas diesel dual fuel engine, dual fuel, methane, by only a small amount of diesel fuel ignites the gas and air mixed gas. The original engine compression ratio ( 18 ∶22) and the fuel injection advance angle unchanged, only need to intake air system is adapted, in the original machine air filter with a marsh gas, after air mixer device. The mixer is controlled by a gas supply to the hand control valve and a three tube.

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