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How to choose the single cylinder diesel engine
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Single cylinder diesel engine have many advantages, I believe that more friends all know: single-cylinder direct injection diesel engine with the traditional energy-saving Swirl Diesel engine, because the rolling bearing, the unique shape of combustion chamber, porous type injector, fuel is injected directly into the piston crown, with oil, water saving, good starting performance, large horsepower etc, has been more and more widely used in agricultural machinery power. So, how to choose a as one wishes of single cylinder direct injection type diesel engine? The following for you introduce to buy time to pay attention.

Now the production of direct injection energy-saving series single-cylinder diesel engine manufacturer more, different models of different manufacturers. The user should be based on its own machinery matching requirements to the choice of a diesel engine. Before buying to carefully check the nameplate on the models, rated power and rotational speed, avoid " big horse car " or " small Mara carts " phenomenon, in order to avoid wasting or implications for future use. This, can ask the manufacturer or point of sales staff.

Choose good models for the quality of the product itself, is a comprehensive investigation. Then the selection of single cylinder diesel engine when, should from what respect to check?

1, visual inspection. The casting surface should be smooth, tank and other sheet metal parts shall be smooth, sleek, exposed parts of metal with no paint, scratches and flow mark ripple defect. In particular, the engine is allowed in any part of grease ( oil ) phenomenon.

In 2, the static examination. The throttle in the stop position, a hand decompression, another hand rotating flywheel, should feel at ease, no clamping stagnation and abnormal noise; loosen decompression handle, a rotating flywheel, hands, into the exhaust duct should be no leakage of sound, in the piston does not go over before TDC let go, fly wheel should appear reversal phenomenon, or that the cylinder compression performance is bad, the dynamic property and economy of engine is not good; after decompression rapid crank crankshaft oil pressure indicator, observed within red logo should rise, otherwise, lubrication system, oil pressure is not bad; along the crankshaft axial and longitudinal sliding flywheel, should a gapless sense; the throttle in the feed position, after decompression of fast rotating flywheel, should be able to hear the crisp sound of the injector fuel supply system, otherwise, not working properly.

3, the dynamic inspection. Full diesel, oil and cooling water, hand starting, starting success rate in 75% above; after the start of jitter throttle, acceleration sensitive, reduction should be fast, and speed should be smooth transition. The throttle at the minimum position, the engine should be at minimum idling speed ( 300 rpm below) under stable rotation, this can easily count the number of the engine exhaust gas, and no car ( speed back-and-filling ) phenomenon. At various rotational speed, the engine exhaust smoke should be grayish or colorless, no black smoke, smoke, white smoke phenomenon. Operation of pure rhythmic sound should be clear, no abnormal metal percussion sound. After running for some time, the oil pipe joint, shaft end seal, gasket, cylinder head, a water discharging switch places not oil spills, leakage, water leakage phenomenon

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