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Why your diesel engine without effort?
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Many are just exposed to diesel novice friends will have such a question: why my car speed is very slow or feel the speed? Why my car climbing of the boring? Why my car at a load supported on the ground in time, the feeling is very difficult?

First of all, we say " Jin ", with professional terminology is called "torque ", torque and rotational speed of the product is of locomotive power. Popular speaking representative of the power car in unit time workload.

These problems, due to not fully burning diesel oil. This not only makes the car does not have enough power, it makes the oil expense too high. Then, oil, where to go?

After many experiments are summarized; the hand may combustion is not fully or not complete combustion, oil is discharged, it can usually be seen in exhaust smoke; on the other hand, part of the heat energy is not converted into mechanical energy, thermal energy through the body sends out, a hot car charge oil. There is a road, for complex or drivers driving habits, the taxi did not glide and frequent brake, so that the mechanical energy into heat and friction and dissipation. Such, can be summed up as fuel is burning efficiency, heat conversion efficiency, efficiency of driving three reasons.

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