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What is the increase of single cylinder diesel engine fuel consumption
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Many friends for single cylinder diesel engine is most concerned about 2 points, one is the quality, two is the oil consumption. Indeed, oil consumption of diesel engine is an important performance index. During the oil price rising now, the attention degree of oil consumption is increasing. So, what increase your fuel consumption? How to make up for this, thus reducing the fuel consumption?

The single cylinder diesel engine of many years of research, I found that the following points on fuel consumption has a direct influence.

1 oil temperature

2 cooling water

3 crankshaft revolution

4 oil adding quantity

5 oil inlet sealing degree

In 6 the quality of engine oil

7 load and speed

All these will cause increased oil consumption factor, through these 7 points, we can find the remedy.

A when preheating, should let the oil temperature rise to stable state, so that the preheating machine and test end after having substantially the same oil temperature and cooling time, thereby ensuring a two discharge of oil, diesel engine parts inside surface of viscous oil is essentially the same. When tested during the oil temperature is too high, should adopt proper cooling measures, make diesel engine oil temperature is maintained within a predetermined range.

B should keep preheating downtime and end of test machine, the temperature of cooling water, the water is consistent. Let the oil natural cooling after shutdown, stop using the discharged hot cooling water tank or to add cold water or plus wind heat radiation method to oil cooling.

C preheating and the test end stops when turning the crankshaft crankshaft turn, must be being transferred, and the first cylinder accurately at the top stop point, so as to ensure that the two oil, diesel engine oil storage volume of the same viscosity internal parts.

D oil adding to the oil scale midline scale is appropriate

The E engine fuel consumption test period, should ensure that the oil filler sealing

F should ensure that the test oil quality and brand right. Test on oil quality and grade of preliminary judgement: try the smell of oil Mei, if obvious odor is mixed with the fuel; the finger clamp oil, according to the experience of judgment ". Conditional can be used " meter test; two pieces of transparent glass plate clamping oil perspective, check whether the water and sediment ripples exist.

G oil consumption of diesel engine during testing, should be kept at a set rotational speed, running under the specified load. When the rotation speed, load abnormal, should be corrected.

To sum up, causing diesel engine oil consumption increases for many reasons, in the day-to-day use must be correct operation of diesel engine, periodic inspection. In order to ensure that the fuel consumption within a reasonable range.

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