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You will simply single-cylinder diesel engine repair?
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Usually when work will often find the car of high slope at midnight even with a lot of throttle was driving very slowly, then your diesel engine the repair, let's look at some ways:

One, how to judge the flameout of diesel engines

Single cylinder diesel engine work speed decreased gradually to open the fuel pump or filter of diesel oil bleeder screw on fuel injection pump handle, with continuous pump oil, if oil bubbles will not disappear, the general can judge is the low pressure oil exists leakage. Fuel injection pump working, low oil pressure below atmospheric pressure, so the low pressure oil inlet caused by the oil supply failure phenomenon is relatively common, eliminating method is to identify the low pressure oil inlet place, sealing measures to.

Two, how to guarantee the fuel injection pump plunger adjusting arm is arranged on the speed shifting fork in diesel engines (e.g. S195 ) fuel injection pump assembly and the drive rod mounted on a timing gear chamber cover. After installation of fuel injection pump assembly, the plunger adjusting arm is difficult to accurately mount speed shifting fork groove, easy to cause the throttle loss of control resulting " flying car" accident. Now this paper introduces some simple and accurate installation method.

1 diesel engine throttle handle a maximum throttle position, by a connecting rod to make the speed shifting fork is the largest oil position. The plunger adjusting arm on the maximum fuel position remained motionless, then the fuel pump assembly horizontally inserted into the fuel injection pump plunger adjusting arm mounting hole, usually into the speed shifting fork groove.

2 open timing gear chamber cover positive observation hole cover plate, side with a flashlight light observation hole, one side is inserted into the fuel pump assembly, until the plunger adjusting arm accurately into the speed shifting fork groove.

3 file will speed dials the fork the notch end head file 1 ~ 45. Chamfer, chamfer bevel using the guiding role, so that the adjusting arm accurately into the fork groove. The rack gear adjusting fuel injection pump, can also use the same method, the ring gear on the fork of files, so mounted on the plunger, the plunger on the tenon is easier to enter the ring gear of the fork.

4 diesel engine throttle handle on the feed position, tension spring of the governor, the governor fork notch to the timing gear chamber on one side of the shell. And then the plunger of fuel injection pump arm adjustment to the maximum fuel position, but also to the timing gear chamber on one side of the shell. Then clockwise rotating flywheel, find the compression top dead point after the rotation of 180 DEG, the fuel injection pump assembly mounted in alignment with the stud to push inside.

To sum up, horizontal diesel engine used for a long time will appear some problems of diesel engine, check regularly can improve the safety factor.

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