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Horizontal diesel engine starts hard, the presence of faults.
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Not knowing the diesel engine used for a long time there will be a fault occurs, the machine also has the aging time. When the diesel engine is 4 times in a row are unable to start, or take to the water tank into boiling water, add some oil in the intake pipe, the inlet with fire, two or three people make concerted efforts have not moved, the diesel engine is difficult.

1 compression system fault

Cylinder liner crack; piston ring of adhesive blocking; combustion chamber insert loss, dislocation, severe wear off; cylinder; substitution is not suitable.

2 adjusting system fault

Flyweight governor swift and shedding; ball outside move clamps the sliding plate; governor shaft bump turning motion is not flexible; fast card dead; a piston pin and the connecting rod bush scuffing; crankshaft axial clearance is too small caused hot vehicle starts difficulty.

3 gas distribution mechanism failure

Muffler exhaust pipe blockage or; air filter air volume is not enough; the valve rod in the catheter blocked; the valve seat, valve clearance loosening loosening fault;; turbine shaft interference tappet chassis, valve open / close on time; the valve seat carbon deposition.

4 fuel oil supply system fault

Injection pump plunger wear; injector pin stuck; fuel injector nozzle blockage, burn, ball lost; pump timing gear installation error; fuel injection pump spring break; the injector body density cover damage; fuel injection pump oil supply amount is small, low speed when the throttle open; speed control lever fork pin low, or too high block for the fuel injection pump plunger convex prem.

To sum up, the starting of diesel engine in the fault area in many aspects, is sometimes a cause, sometimes multiple causes, so the de-glitch when it was compressed, operation, in which problems of oil supply. If the operation is not flexible and may be incomplete decompression or kinematic pair with lead, small compression may be valve leakage caused by oil supply is not normal, may be the main reason for the injector pump or a friend.

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