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Teach you how to check and adjustment of diesel engine valve clearance bar?
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Horizontal diesel engine valve clearance is the guarantee, exhaust valve closed tight, when the valve is completely closed, valve rod and the tail end of the rocker arm clearance is the valve clearance. During operation of the diesel engine parts, screw loosening and to dismantle the cylinder head, valve clearance, will be gradually changed, adding small gap Words and heating parts of the expansion and extension, lead to valve closure lax, diesel power decrease, hot gas from the gap is exposed, it burned valves, if the valve clearance is too large, valve and valve seat and other parts Chuxiang impact, will shorten its life, makes the valve opening duration, effects of air in the air cylinder alternately.

Examination, adjustment method:

1 in diesel engine cooling condition in cylinder cover;

The 2 rotating flywheel flywheel check point reticle alignment tank pointer reticle, piston compression stroke is in the stop position;

3 when the inlet, exhaust valve clearance after adjustment, crank crankshaft, and measure the gap, such as change and adjustment.

4 with a feeler gauge measuring valve rod and the tail end of the rocker arm clearance, feeler inserted do not go in or inside still have gap, on the valve clearance adjustment again. The S195 type diesel engine car under cold normal gap is 0.3~0.4mm, exhaust valve clearance is 0.4~0.5mm.

The 5 release valve clearance adjusting nut lock, screw the adjusting screw, with the value measured by the measuring feeler gauge until the specified value in maintaining and adjusting screws with, Acinetobacter, tighten the lock nut.

The daily work of your machine to regular nursing, inspection, repair, service life is long.

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