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Diesel engine how black smoke?
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Horizontal diesel engine to exclude black smoke and soot, is the main component of hydrocarbons, the combustion chamber is not influenced by high temperature burning diesel oil formation of carbon black, with the exclusion of gas out black smoke. The wall of the combustion chamber of the liquid film evaporation in the last part, it depends on the speed of evaporation and combustion rate of fuel vapor and oxygen mixing speed. If the oxygen concentration is too low, or the mixing speed is too slow, can produce black smoke, black smoke low engine power, increase fuel consumption, shorten the service life of the engine. The main reason:

1 check the air intake volume

Air filter dust; carbon deposition, muffler rust oil; inlet, outlet gap, valve opening is reduced; orchestration mechanism parts loosening, wear; gear camshaft and crankshaft timing gear change in relative position, the valve opening and closing time of incorrect valve clearance adjustment; improper, the exhaust is not clean, the intake air is not enough.

2 check compression

Valve serious subsidence, piston and piston pin, piston pin and connecting rod, connecting rod and crankpin clearance is too large, the volume of the combustion chamber increases the compression ratio decreased; piston ring failure; cylinder, piston ring wear too much, the piston ring is not installed correctly or loses the elasticity resulting in leakage.

3 check atomization

Fuel injector pressure spring break; fuel injector pressure adjustment is too low; the injector needle and valve seat carbon deposition; injection pump valve vacuum ring wear too much causes drop of oil.

4 check fuel supply

Oil supply is too late; the initial gas at low pressure and temperature, injection timing of premature; fuel injection pump plunger wear increased after stroke using oil; fuel injection pump adjusting gear rod or a draw rod stroke caused by excessive supply too much.

5 check whether tile or sticking around

Mild burn tile or stick cylinder, the engine load is too large, a rich mixture, oxygen deficiency, incomplete combustion.

Appropriate diesel engine inlet, exhaust pipe is smooth; supply system is normal, good maintenance of your diesel engine fuel supply quantity increase working efficiency is reduced in a good way.

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