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White smoke of diesel engine fault analysis and elimination of
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When the fuel contains water or cooling water leaking into the cylinder, as the steam from hot after exhaust pipe spewing white smoke. Diesel engine fuel injection fuel injection pressure is low, too late, poor atomization can lead to white smoke exhaust. In the winter cold starts, white smoke, but running for a period of time after the white smoke disappeared gradually, is a normal phenomenon.

The common faults and analysis:

In 1 the engine temperature is too low. Some diesel without burning into the oil vapor from the exhaust pipe, the exhaust from the, white smoke.

2 water in oil supply system. The fuel or combustion chamber has water, the water in the cylinder combustion heat release heat into steam, exhausted from the exhaust pipe to form white smoke.

3 oil is too late. Because the fuel injection time is late, injection cylinder temperature was decreased, the fraction of diesel without burning into oil vapor, white smoke.

4 bad atomizing nozzle. The bad atomizing the diesel oil incomplete combustion, resulting in white smoke.

5 cylinder pressure too low. Part of diesel oil vapor without burning it becomes, so from the white smoke.

Fault diagnosis and exclusion

1 diesel engine start when the white smoke, temperature becomes black smoke. The cylinder pressure is insufficient, it should check valve closed tight, cylinder pad or injection seat hole of the sealing pad leakage, wear in cylinder is too large.

2 diesel engine can not work, white smoke. The hand near the exhaust pipe with water then within the cylinder has water, the identification is the cylinder rupture or cylinder gasket destroyed; if not it should check whether there is water in diesel oil. Then you can open the fuel tank and the fuel filter dirt discharging plug, check whether there is water in the fuel oil.

The 3 diesel engine is running at high speed, acceleration is less sensitive to work is not uniform, high temperature, inability to work, exhaust pipe belched ash white smoke. The fuel injection time too late, should lose the adjusting shim, slowly ahead of time of fuel injection, the white smoke elimination, engine operation; if the adjustment is no better, should check the fuel pump.

Diesel engine 4 white smoke can increase the engine operating temperature, such as at the temperature of 70 degrees exhaust color from white smoke into the black smoke, can be judged for the atomization of fuel injector is poor, drop of oil. Should check the injector; if the injector has the drop phenomenon, it should check is the result of injection pressure too low or the needle valve body deformation or wear had even caused.

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