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Blue smoke from diesel engine found fault
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We saw black smoke for diesel engine, white, or blue smoke that is normal exhaust, but at that time your diesel internal fault occurs, when we check immediately, to prevent the late appearance of more serious fault. Find blue smoke is a lubricating oil fleeing into the combustion chamber after burning into.

1 check the oil pan oil overdose

The crankshaft to rotate at high speed, the oil gradually to the cylinder walls, fleeing into the combustion chamber. In checking the oil level too high, can not be stopped immediately after the extraction engine dipstick view, because the splash to the crankshaft on the wall of the lubricating oil not to stop after 10 minutes, taking the oil dipstick.

2 check the cylinder liner, piston

If it is found that the serious wear, gap is too large, resulting in oil combustion outdoor burning, the same time the engine crankcase waste gas to increase, it should be a timely replacement of piston. Because the piston ring loses the function of oil burning emissions, appear blue smoke, should remove the piston ring, the removal of carbon deposition, assembly of the piston ring piston ring, replace if necessary. The new car had such problems are often in the piston rings, incision or angle cutting device to the lubricating oil flow.

3 valve and catheter clearance is too large

Oil if inhaled combustion, replacement of the valve and valve guide wear. If the burning oil smoke is blue, normal engine, can determine the oil filter air filter oil too much into the combustion chamber for combustion. The reduction of oil filter air filter oil quantity, changing ventilator.

4 check the air filter is clogged

When the air filter is blocked cylinder intake process of increasing resistance, air is not smooth. The inner cylinder has a negative pressure will lubricating oil inhalation of combustion.

To sum up, check your regular diesel, longer delay service life of the machine, it is also the essential link.

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