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    QuanJiao QuanDong Co.,Ltd is a subsidiary of AnHui QuanChai Group,now mainly angaging in QuanChai brand single-cylinder diesel engine.Now the  total assets of QuanDOng is 28 million RMB,the fixed assets is 6.5million RMB. QuanDong occupy 20000 square meter, built-up area is 7000 square meter.There are two advanced producing lines,24sets test brackets,more than 200 staff in QuanDong.and the production capacity is 0.2million sets.
     At present,the main products are 〝S〞series,such as ZR195、ZS195、ZS1100、ZS1105、ZS1110、ZS1115 etc,and 〝QC〞series, such as QC13、QC24、QC28、QC130B、QC32 King,etc.In order to meet the market demand,QuanDong have developed vertical series engine,such asQCH195、QCH1105、QCH1105B,etc.
The products can be widely used for tractor,agricultural truck,air-compress machine and construction machine,manufacturing machine of agricultural procution etc. Relying on the QuanChai’s technology,there is 12 technician in QuanDong,and the company is managing effictively according to IS09001 quanlity management system.
     There is completed marketing net and after-sale service system in company,and in 28 provinces and cities and  Autonomous Regionses,there are  professional service staff of QuanDong,who can provide ideal technical service.Now the products of QuanDong is becoming more and more popular in demostic and overseas.
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